Recent Posts problem in Firefox 3.5.3

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    As is currently visible in Firefox 3.5.3, the title of my most recent post runs right out of the sidebar.

    This does not happen in IE 7 or Safari 4.0.3.

    I assume that this is a problem with the theme and that there’s nothing I can do since I don’t have the Custom CSS upgrade, but I’d be grateful for any input anyone has.


    The blog I need help with is



    Update: I’ve just updated to Firefox 3.5.4. Not surprisingly, the problem persists.


    The reason that is happening is that there is no clear place for wordpress to wrap the text. With ellipsis (the … at the end of something), you always put a space after – at least in the case of your title. The title should be:

    Everyday is Memorial Day… somewhere… for someone

    Make the above change and the issue will go away.



    Thanks a lot, thesacredpath! That did indeed work.

    Funny how it’s not an issue in IE and Safari, though.


    That is the main problem: each and every browser is different. Typically IE is the one that is type-A beyond belief and Safari, FF, Opera and the others are more forgiving.

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