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Recent Posts Widget not updating

  1. chunkeemonkeeato111

    Sorry for the double post. I realized I posted this topic in the Ideas forum.

    For some reason, the recent posts widget doesn't update on its own. I have to manually hit save several times in order for it to refresh. Any ideas on how to fix the issue?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sidebars are cached and can sometimes take up to a half hour to update. Does it not update within this time?

  3. chunkeemonkeeato111

    Actually it's been more than a whole day. I had to manually hit save in dashboard's widget page several times for it to register.

  4. Were those posts Scheduled, or did you post them live?

  5. chunkeemonkeeato111


  6. Hi there - do you keep your site open in your browser for a day or more? If so, then you'd need to refresh/reload the site in your browser in order to see the Recent Posts become updated. Could that be the case here?

  7. chunkeemonkeeato111

    Oh if I do I definitely hit refresh. If that doesn't work I log off and come back later. But unfortunately it still does not refresh unless I manually do it. This is a fairly new problem. I had no problems with this widget before.

  8. While I wasn't able to replicate your issue on my test site, I just cleared the cache on your site using one of our tools. Would you let me know if it improves things? Thanks!

  9. Your blog is cached on your system, just either use Ctrl + F5 to force refresh your blog.

  10. @designskew
    This is the third throwaway comment you have made this morning. Please stop parroting Staff and/or posting wrong answers.

  11. @timethief What do you mean by that ? I am researching for every post I am replying to, and also I am using WordPress since 3 years. I do have knowledge too, though not equally to you, but I am just trying to help.

    I just said the blog must be cached on his system, which also happens with my blog. I do nothing but force refresh my browser and clearing the cache to see the changes on my blog.

  12. When you link your username to your free hosted blog, I might consider believing you are posting to help rather than posting throwaway comments in order to get people to click into the site that your username is linked to now.

  13. @designskew

    While we long-time volunteers appreciate new volunteers to help answer questions in this peer to peer forum (staff does step in sometimes), please research your answers more carefully and provide links to support documents or legitimate sites with information about WordPress.COM.

    Your "member" profile shows you have been with for only 2 months. If you truly want to assist in these forums, please spend time reading them, the support documents, and other wp.COM info.

  14. chunkeemonkeeato111

    @kathrynwp Will do. Thanks!

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