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recent problem logging to my WP blog

  1. I had a few problems logging in to my WP blog recently. It was around 11:30pm (PST) and while doing work on my
    blog the site redirected me to log back in. I did and it kept asking me to log in each time. I cleared cache (Apple) and
    a few security options. I seem to be back on track now, but want to ask if there is anyone who may have had similar

    I had my laptop stolen a few weeks ago. I changed my password but started to get concerned that someone may
    have hacked into my WP account after the password change. Like I said things seem to be running ok.

    Any thoughts on re-logging in issue and what to look out for if account was to be "broken" into?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The only “hacked” sites I have seen here have been people getting the password somehow to a site so you do want to be careful how you log in and use a tough password.

    You should also check to make sure that someone has not added a new user to your site. Problems have also happened when there was more than one Admin. and an Admin left on less than graceful terms.

    Dashboard >> Users

    There have also been a few Posts on “hacked” sites and it was because someone got the Post by Email address and using the Post by Email to send in new Posts, if you have Post by email you can regenerate the address for that feature.

  3. I don't see a new user (thank god!). If something like this was to be added where would
    I see it, or would it be obvious?

    Also I don't follow what you mean about "regenerating" the email address when it
    comes to "hacked" posts.
    Could you fill me in :)

  4. If you had "Post by Email" enabled

    Dashboard >> My Blogs >>

    You should regenerate the email address that you Post to. If you have not enabled Post by e-mail then not an issue - but you should check and make sure nobody has enabled it on you.

    Yes a new user should be pretty obvious as long as you are the Admin.

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