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Recent problem with Google Gears

  1. I have done the recommended things -- disabling, reinstalling, and made sure I have the latest version. Instead of updating, Turbo ends up failing with this message: Error: Download of '' failed, status code 404.

    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is probably only answerable by staff.

  3. Thanks. I have now contacted Support.

  4. You're welcome. I also "modlooked" this thread so perhaps staff will reply here as well - if they see it.

  5. Same problem here :(

  6. Found something about it at, saying :

    To fix the problem, just insert the following CSS Comment at the top of that file and upload the edited version to your server:
    /* nothing here */

    My trouble is that i cann´t upload anything, any FTPs cann´t access my blog.

  7. Should be fixed now.

  8. It is fixed. :)

  9. Still not fixed for me: "Error: Invalid manifest - No content returned"

    Everything else checked before (disabling Gears, erasing cookies, rebooting router, rebooting the whole system, enabling gears, etc).

  10. saviorodrigues

    I'm having the same problem "Error: Invalid manifest - No content returned" . Thanks for the help!

  11. Unfortunately..Same problem here...

  12. is their server down? i'm having the same problem

  13. Can you give us links to your blog, pelase?

  14. As far as mine is concerned:
    I am using Ubuntu, Firefox 3.0.10 and Adobe Flash v10

  15. Mine is at
    I am using Ubuntu 8.04, Firefox 3.0.10, Flash 9

  16. juergenberkessel

    same here, could you please check

  17. nedssurvivalgids

    Me too, Can anybody please fix it?

  18. can someone on the staff please help me out too?

  19. phrontisterion

    Same same.

    (Also on Ubuntu, latest version, all updates)

  20. This was a separate issue compared to the one reported earlier in April. Thanks for providing the exact error message princo. That helped us out, and we were able to fix it. You should no longer see the error "Invalid manifest - No content returned." If you are still having trouble with that particular error, please contact us in support.

  21. Thank you a lot!

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