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Recent readers widget

  1. Where can I get the widget that displays your recent readers? The one that shows the avatars of your recent viewers? Thanks again!

  2. thistimethisspace

    Avatars for "Commenters" are displayed only when they are received from registered members who leave blog comments while they are logged in.

    The box you see in the sidebar of some blogs displaying "Recent Readers" is provided by the social network they belong to eg. MYBLOLOG.

  3. Here's a Link on how to add it into your blog as a text widget.

  4. Thanks for your rapid answers, this is exactly what I meant. This forum is wonderful.

  5. Not a problem :)

  6. I think I should mention that you do have a Recent Comments widget that you can place in your sidebar. It will display the most recent comments you received from all commenters as opposed to only those who are members of MYBLOGLOG.

    -> Presentation -> Widgets (drag the Recent comments widget out of the Available widgets box and carefully place it in the Sidebar Widgets box - click on the icon on the right hand corner and set it to display the number you want - click the X on the top right hand corner to close the widget) - > click "Save Changes"

    It should now appear in your sidebar when you view your blog. As data in widgets is cached it make take a few minutes to show up. :)

  7. crapola....I'm sure I'm screwing up something here and hate to open a long dead thread, but the comments for the post on Engtech's site are disabled and I wasn't sure where else to turn.

    I've added my blog to and have even attempted to add a text widget to my site to allow the "recent readers" section to populate.

    At first this was succesful, as you can see the widget in action on my blog - but now it's both frozen and seemingly malfunctioning and I don't know what to do.

    It's been locked on the same "recent readers" since I first launched it, despite maybe 100 hits since then. Further, when I go to mybloglog and click on the option to allow faces on comments, I get an error message that "you need to have this widget installed....."

    Huh? I thought I already did. Can anyone look at my site and tell me what I'm doing wrong? Seems like a cool feature.

  8. I believe this is a myblolog issue and not a issue. Have you posted to their forum or contacted support there?

  9. I'll do so right away - thanks!

  10. You're welcome. :)

  11. Nothing succeeds like success! Nice to see that MBL went to the trouble of working something up that worked with TextWidget at ...
    ... but you know, I didn't like the mismatch between the MBL module and the already existing "Recent Readers".

    So I did a crude hack, stealing the markup from the latter and slapping it onto the former. You can see the results at ... I cobbled together a page to show the code:

    Nothing sophisticated; lotsa room to fiddle. (I tried to reduce the height and width of the MDL pics to match better but then the names became illegible.)


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