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  1. HI there!

    Anyone knows a plugin the show the recentley read posts ?


  2. Please post the URL for the blog in questions starting with http://

  3. You are in the wrong forum. That's not a wordpress.COM blog and we can't help you with it. The forum for those who are self hosting wordpress.ORG installs is here http://wprdpress.ORG/support/

  4. You are a lame, man.

  5. Oops! I made a typing error but that's easy to clear up isn't it. You forgot to read the sticky post at the head of the forum before you posted here. It's this one titled "Please read my first before posting"

  6. And Why did u ask me about the blog's name?

  7. To make sure you were in the right forum which has now been determine that your not in the right forum.

  8. Volunteers answering wordpress.COM forum questions are required to ask for the link to the blog being referred to each and every time they answer questions on the forum.

    Some bloggers follow instructions found here the other sticky post at the head of the forum and link their wordpress.COM blog to their username. Here's the link to the other sticky post

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