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Why don't posts show up on my front page?

  1. The post is listed on my post-page, and if I search it by title then it shows up (i.e., it's in the system) but when I click on "read blog" or "home" then it doesn't show up, which it always used to.


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    Blog url:

  2. Looking at your blog, it appears that all the recent posts show up on the front page correctly. Are you having this issue with any posts in particular?

  3. When I go to then I get “The Wall, The Law . . .” posted 5/28. When I go to posts then I can get “Friendship” posted 6/4.

    When I go to then I get “Treating the Person” posted 6/3. When I go to posts then I can get “Treating the Person, Part II” posted on 6/4.

    Why aren’t my most recent posts going to my home page?

  4. At I see the most recent post as "Treating the Person, Not the Diagnosis, Part III" posted today.

    At I see the most recent post as "Friendship: The Alternative to Guns" posted yesterday.

    Please try clearing your browser's cache and cookies:

  5. I deleated the cookies and caches as directed and still do not have my most recent posts showing up on the home page. The last post that should be there is "What is Empathic Therapy" ("Treating the Person, Not the Dianosis, Parts II and III" are also hidden from the home page). All three of these posts are showing in the June archives. How do I make it so they show in my home page as well?

  6. "What is Empathic Therapy?" is now the top post at

    To be honest, I can't say why your browser isn't displaying them.

    Do you have another browser that you can test from?

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