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Receving "Security Error" when trying to upload images

  1. I'm trying to upload an image to a Post, and I'm getting an error in the image upload screen, that just says 'security error', at the time that it starts to try to 'crunch' the image. I made some updates to my blog today (updated my profile info, gravatar image, verified my blog with google and yahoo, and changed my display name.) I didn't change anything that should be related to security though, and I am able to edit posts, just can't add images suddunly. Timing seems to indicate one of the changes above caused problems though. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. laundryandvodka

    I am receiving the same error. I have not updated my blog, just trying to post a new entry and it won't let me upload images. Maybe a system problem?

  3. The same is happening to me while trying to upload videos. Anyone can help?

  4. theodorasutcliffe

    same for me too... please help

  5. Happening here too

  6. Same here, tried uploading a pic of myself and got a security error...story of my life :-|

  7. Ditto - so not my fault, I hope!

  8. Seeing that this looks to be a common problem, it must be system-wide. Not sure. I can't find anything on it.

  9. same here.. can any one contact WordPress??

  10. WordPress need to have a Bat-signal at times like these....this is an emergency!

  11. We're already aware of this and are working to solve it ASAP.

  12. I've already sent a message to support, let's wait to see what happend...

  13. Thanks for the update!

  14. thanks Markel!

  15. Same thing going on here. I guess I'll ait and see

  16. Same problem here, too.

  17. Please try to upload your images again; this problem should be resolved for you.

  18. Awesome, I could hug wordpress right now!

  19. Thanks a lot, it's working perfectly well!

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