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Recipe for a Nation , a future shocking Political Platform

  1. Sure we can discuss the weather , food and pictures , but what about burning questions like the present state of the human specie and its future ?

    Please add your thoughts to this important topic , the Ultimate Political Platform : Recipe for a Nation .

    Future shocking , an universal survival manual for any intelligent specie , in any galaxy , and it starts with a Revolution .

    I dedicate this Manual to the human specie , who suffered so much from its self and from the cruel joke called ‘mother’ nature . See the Future Now !

    No , this is not a fantasy book , it is as real as you can imagine our future so if you want to make it happened do your duty and use your skills to spread the Recipe .

    Excerpts ( please read the Recipe to the end to make sense and realize why you must spread it ) :

    " ... It took just one year after the mass vaccination to build a consensus among people that the change occurred in their minds was a terrific and an actual mind-opening experience . Marriages , friendships and relations improved , at work people found a new atmosphere free of politics and trouble-makers , the police reported a phenomenal drop in domestic disputes , fights and violent crimes , while to everyone’s surprise, the army revealed that now soldiers behave under battle simulations with a new calm and cool mind that gave them greater self-confidence and performing at such superior levels that shocked the generals ... " .

    " ... 4:00:00 …
    His chest felt like punched by a hot iron and the force of the impact threw him backwards straight into Victor’s arms who instinctively jumped to cover his idol . Laying on his back with Victor on top , ears ringing from the bullet’s sonic shock wave , Daniel was amazed that he could smell his body guard cologne and though it was a good sign … his next thought was they missed the fourth shooter … " .

    " ... You funny Vic ! … Yet so right … ‘mother’ nature is unfair to us … On one hand it shows us what a few Mozarts or Teslas can do while on the other hand it makes the rest of us fail to assemble a kid’s bike … it’s like in your face , you see the cake but can’t touch it … So Vic , you’re right … we’re going to change that , once the population sees the benefits of self-evolution we’ll move quickly to fix the intelligence genes and add all the skills and talents we’ll get our hands on … " .

    " ... If you would look at a historical graph where the birth of humans was marked by a spike in the animal evolution , today’s nano revolution would be a jump comparable to the size of a lighting stroke , the implications were so fundamental to the fabric of the Universe that was safe to predict its change by humans into ordered rows of galaxies and stars , just like an orchard ..." .

    " ... And on the window of Nimitz’ command deck was a musical note and a short message written in red lipstick , John Lennon’s eternal message , “ All we are saying is give Peace a chance “ … " .

    " ... Aboard the high-tech ships the eerie silence was interrupted only by the radios left on , the ocean waves and the growing buzz from the approaching Romanian boats .
    It was war nano-style and in the most extreme situation when only one side had the technology and therefore the obliteration was guaranteed ... " .

    " ... Within a week all the people oppressed and caught in the underworld web , including the so called ‘developed’ nations and specially the USA , rose like a massive punch , taking on guns , storming the police stations , government buildings , corporations and bank headquarters , conducting massive ‘citizen arrests’ and capturing all the corrupt individuals one by one , posting on the internet the daily catch and placing check-marks besides the names in the master list for all to see the progress .
    While before the criminals were terrorizing the population , now it became the hunted and , with their videos all over the internet , was no place to hide , the assigned nanospys broadcasting continuously their location , the mobsters were recognized and arrested on the spot but not before the fist and kicks treatment was thoroughly applied. There was no holding back and the criminals caught were thankful to reach the prisons alive ..." .

    " ... The universal timing of simultaneously releasing the Criminal Archives created an unique event where most of the countries were facing government restructuring and major elections all at once . It was a political tsunami that swept the world in one massive push and truly changed the way people got involved in their governments ... " .

    " ... In the span of a few short month , nation by nation showed at the voting polls in droves like never before , making sure no machines were used , electing people they had a good idea about , no guessing , standing guard to the sealed boxes by the hundreds in the dead of night and through chilling rain, and finally putting in the control of the country teams of professionals as ministers and kind souls as presidents .
    It looked more and more like the human specie had a chance and Daniel , tasting the prune gin in his suspended garden , was pondering why , in spite of the good news , his gut feeling still had a knot in it ..." .

    Enjoy the Ultimate Political Platform and please use your skills to spread it because your future depends on it ...
    FaceBook it , Tweet it , Digg it , e-mail it , because no Publisher or movie Producer dares touching it , and just by myself I can't spread it on the internet alone : make it the Mission of your life to bring the Recipe to Life , Your life ...

    Recipe for a Nation , future shocking !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Posting things like this in the main technical support forums can get you banned from the forums in a flash. This isn't a coffee shop or lounge, it is a technical support forum.

    At the very least post this sort of stuff in the off-topic forum or keep it on your blog.

  3. Sorry " The Sacred Path " , I had no idea this is a Technical support !!
    After all it said " Ideas " , right ?
    Please instruct me on how to move it at the right place ( off-topic ) or an actual Discussion Forum . Yes , I am a newbe here and I am still learning my way .

    Thanks for the help !

  4. Actually it says

    Ideas and suggestions for

  5. I've tagged this for staff attention and they will move it to the off-topic forum.

  6. Please someone give me directions on how to move this out of the Technical support and post it in the proper Discussions Forum .
    Thank you !

    I apologise to the Technical support , totally unintentional posting .

  7. Thanks a lot Sacred Path for the help !
    Best regards !

  8. Sacred .. please ask them to notify me of Where they will move it ( actual address ) so I will not lose the post in this jungle of choices . Thank you !

  9. Click on "Member" under your name and you will see a list of all Posts you have made.

  10. Or when you log-in you will see "welcome xbardulce" at the top of the Forum - again click on your name and see all your Posts.

  11. Thank you AuxClass , but how can I move my post from here to not annoy the Tech Support ?
    Thanks a lot !

  12. OK , I got it !!
    I just clicked on off-topic and it worked !
    Great help AuxClass and Sacred !
    Thank you all for your patience !

    Now for the last bit : how can I remove my post from the Tech Support , or can someone from Tech can do it so it will be posted Only in off-topic.

    Best regards to all , great help !

  13. You can't move or edit a Post only Staff or Moderators can do that - the Post has been flagged for them.

  14. At this date I hope that no damaging solar flare / CME will take place , eben though SOHO's x-ray pic shows two very large dark areas at 90 Deg. of each other , a position fertile for CMEs .
    But how about the Recipe and its back-bone as a Manual ?

  15. Honestly, how about putting it on your blog? it's more likely to get readers there.

  16. There is only so much patience to IQ ratio to not try to meet everibody ... I could post on the Moon if it would wake up the humanity ...

  17. Well, how is posting HERE working so far?

  18. Blogging in forum threads is NOT an effective way of promoting your blog.
    It's an effective way to be placed on everyone's - BLOCK list.

  19. Dear TimeThief ,

    I am sorry , I didn't mean to offend any one , but please , tell me , didn't I made it obvious that I am looking for a discussion about the Ultimate Political platform that the Recipe is ?
    After all that's the purpose of the Forum : read the book ( the Recipe ) than come here to discuss it . But I could be wrong , never the less , your oppinion counts with me . But please keep in mind that I am new here so I don't get all the finese .

    Dear RainCoaster ,

    You were right , there is no discussion HERE what so ever .
    Thanks to your suggestion and the input from the TimeThief I will not post here any longer ...

  20. To TimeThief and RainCoaster :

    I am upset with your suggestions !
    Obviously , as I found out by talking to others , this IS the place to post announcements and invitations to read blogs . Guess what : that what Forums are for . Further more this is the “ Off Topic “ section , very appropriate .

    Further more take a look at what is posted so far in “Off Topic” …
    Please keep your “suggestions” to yourselfs .

  21. Serious discussion :

    - for decades Canadian leaders were/are so inept/impotent that were not able to legislate even Organic/non-GMO foods for Canadians ! Are they afraid of Monsanto ?? If they can’t do such a simple thing how can we possible expect them to shine in other areas . Such as making Canada self sufficient in terms of food …

  22. Again I ask, how successful is posting here at generating a discussion on the issues? Posting in blogs is going to work better.

  23. RainCoaster , of course you are right .
    Just look around , all I got is grief and scoldings , a warm welcome from the fellow blogers ... in an 'Off-Topic' forum !
    But never mind that , here are the most distressing facts :
    1) in my stats every other day there is a 'click' to the Recipe from right here . Hence , indeed , my assumption was not bad , the Off-Topic forum is like a water-hole for thirsty fellow blogers to search for a brain drink . Apperantly , some of them find an ultimate political platform a darling of their deepest desires : to live in a better world . Which brings me to the second fact ...
    2) ... yet , with all respect to you and the TimeThief , I didn't hear no comments from the one that points to the luck of comments ... But I agree , to be a judge you don't need to be an artist , but here we are talking about our collective Lives and the possibility to avoid going back to dust - that should get some Adult/Mature attention ...
    So why don't you break the ice , but be gentle , keep in mind , the vibrations of your thoughts will cicle the eternal Universe ( see the Recipe ) .
    BTW , have a Happy New Year !

  24. I'm just trying to tell you the difference between a forum and a blog. By the way, the correct forum to post in for blog promotion is the aptly-named Showcase forum:

  25. Thanks a lot RC !

    BTW , I hope I explained myself clearly : from experience I know that Forums attract more discussions than blogs .

    See you at ShowCase with your comments !

  26. Notification : following advice I found the proper Forum so please address all your comments to Showcase forum

    Thank you Rain Coaster !

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