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    Is there a recipe plug in that is available to users? If not, I think it could greatly benefit many of the bloggers wordpress has.

    The blog I need help with is


    Lovely idea! May I ask what specific features you think would be really awesome in a plugin like that?



    Others have requested this one



    Here’s another one that has been requested previously


    Thanks! Whoa, that first one has a lot of options! is likely to start with something simpler. I want to know what specific things people look for when adding recipes, i.e. what exactly makes good? One example would be that it has a print button.



    There are some workarounds found here > that some bloggers are using at present.


    I’ve noticed heaps of blogs ( and blogger) have recipe plugins and I just searched and found this post. I think it’s a great idea – do it pleaaase wordpress :D Doesn’t need bells and whistles, mostly just something that will allow for a slightly compressed format in a printable A4 form. That’s it! I’d be happy! Currently doing bullet points etc as a list on my blog just makes the post really long and clunky. I’ve mostly looked at the recipes on (which is a website).



    Might I suggest or ?

    I admit, I’m a bit biased as I actually created (and manage) this plugin, but I do believe that WP Ultimate Recipe is one of the most user-friendly recipe plugins out there.

    Just to name a few things that a recipe plugin should do:
    – Nicely format recipes
    – Ability to print recipes without any clutter (eg images or website layout)
    – Allow readers to adjust ingredient quantities to their serving size
    – Display an index of all recipes on your blog

    I’m always interested in hearing feedback or suggestions, so feel free to contact me!


    I agree with littlemissmoi. Just something that offers a compressed form that is separated from the rest of the text and is able to be printed easily would be perfect. I understand is free and won’t have all of the bells and whistles, but having something that caters to recipe bloggers would be beneficial.

    brechtvds, it is my understanding that those plug ins are for and cannot be uploaded to Is that correct?



    That is indeed the situation at the moment, which is why I propose to work with to make this plugin available for their users.

    If needed we can make some adjustments to tailor it to their specific needs.


    @designsimply, it would also be great if the plug in had a spot for number of servings and cook time as well as a compressed format and print option. Thank you! I look forward to seeing what you guys do!



    There are a couple of themes that have them built-in, I believe. They are newer themes with foodie names. I believe Confit, which is gorgeous, is one of them.


    This is the theme raincoaster referred to It has a built-in Food Menus feature.
    see here


    Confit says that it has lots of options that are restaurant specific, but not for recipes that I can tell. I looked at several other foodie themes as well and they either didn’t have a recipe feature or they were not free.



    Well at that point you have to weigh the cost of the theme against the cost of self-hosting to use the plugin. I don’t think we have any themes that would make it more expensive to host here.


    Thanks for all the feedback! :)

    Here’s what our developers have added so far:

    Looks like a lot of what you mentioned got covered. Cool!

    One extra plus is that it’s a shortcode and should work in any theme. I hope you guys like it!






    Great, don’t have all that many recipes, but now I can go back and fine tune things a bit

    Thanks for listening – see folks – no Plugin needed, yes a bit basic, but I am sure it will get better over time


    I’ve never used a shortcode before but am just retiring my old wordpress blog and starting a new one which only has one recipe on it so far, so I can go and tinker. Thanks for listening WordPress.


    Tried it. Love it. Simple, straightforward and looks good in my theme! Thank you!

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