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    I am trying to reclaim a domain that expired – I didn’t receive any email as they all went into spam. Can anyone help?



    Hi carolinejvoaden

    I am tagging this post as “modlook” for WordPress staff attention. Please wait for some time they will get back to you on this.

    For more information on domain expiry here’s the guide link



    Hi @carolinejvoaden,

    Could you share the URL of the domain you are looking to reclaim?

    Ones we have the information, we can look into the best options.




    Hi there,

    The account you’re using to post here is only 15 hours old, does not own any sites, and have never purchased any upgrade on What is the domain you’re trying to get back, please?

    Note that if the domain was purchased via we can only recover it if requested by the account that originally owned it.


    The domain is – I bought the domain name from wordpress but in the end linked a site from another provider



    That domain is not expired. It only expires in August.

    However, that domain was registered using a completely different account than the one you’re using to post here. That domain was first registered in 2016, and this account, as I mentioned, is only a few hours old.

    To manage that domain you’ll need to log into the account you used to buy that domain.


    Well that’s good news that it hasn’t expired.

    But the bad news is I have one other account on WordPress which I’ve logged into and no sign of this domain there.

    I don’t have another account.

    All I have is this email, and I’ve logged into my account using the email address this email came to, but that’s the one you say was only created yesterday.

    I’m so confused…:

    Dear caroline voaden,

    This email is to notify you that the following product(s) is set to expire on the date(s) listed:

    CAROLINEVOADEN.COM – Aug. 14, 2017

    ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (and/or the associated ccTLD authority), requires that we send this renewal notice before a domain’s expiration date. Please note: If auto-renew is enabled for your product(s), we’ll automatically attempt to process a renewal for you before the expiration date(s).

    You can renew your product(s) or verify that auto-renew is enabled via the Purchases section of your dashboard.



    The email you quote is the email sent by our domain registrar to the email address you provided as the domain contact email when you registered the domain.

    However, that email address is not the same as the email address connected to the account that bought the domain. For security reasons I cannot tell you what the other email address is, but I can tell you the username that owns the domain is carolinevoaden

    You can use that username to reset the password here:

    If you don’t receive the password reset email, you can find our other account recovery options here:


    Hi again
    Sorry to be a real pain but I have logged in using that username and the alternative email address (email redacted) but I can’t find any record of the domain name under that account either.
    Once I’ve logged in where should I go to find details of that domain?
    Thanks so much for your help



    You’re not a pain at all. The help I could provide while you posted here as the other account is just limited, but as you’re now logged into the correct account it makes things easier on my end :)

    I see you have more than one site in this account, so it’s possible you’re just looking at the wrong site – I see when going to My Sites it’s not the site with the domain that’s selected automatically.

    Click on My Sites and then click on Switch Site. You should see the other site listed there. Select it, and click on Domains, and your domain should be there. You can also go there directly via this link:

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