reclaiming a blog domain that’s already been deleted

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    I registered a blog domain and the URL was…hmm, let’s say it was “”. And then I DELETED the blog. So now, when you went to “,” you’d go to an error page that says “The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.”

    Now I want to start a new blog again, using the same domain name that I have previously cancelled (“”). But when I tried to (re)claim my deleted domain “moo,” WordPress insists that “that blog already exists”, even though it does NOT exist because I already deleted it.

    How do I get my “moo” back?

    Thank you in advance for your helpful replies.



    Just to clarify: my deleted blog’s name was not really “moo.” It was just an example. :) But just the same, I’m having trouble re-registering my previously deleted blog domain.

    Thanks for any help.



    not possible at all. i think the faq at explains why in detail, but the gist is that they will not allow deleted usernames or even abandoned blogs to be re-used because of identity issues. it’s a wordpress policy. better think of something else. =)




    Well thanks anyway, sulz!

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