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  1. I didn't find a thread to plug other people's blogs, worth a read.

    1) Plug excellent blogs here that are not yours.
    2) provide a short description
    3) I'll make sure this happens to Club Penguin blogs in this thread

    I start with the disgruntled, yet fascinating, Police Inspector Blog from England where Inspector Gadget steams off about the bureaucracy:


    Hard to describe. Hit them both when you've had enough of reality and are looking for some creative, hilarious alternatives. If Monty Python did drugs with Hunter S. Thompson and Jonathan Swift, you might get something like those two blogs.


    ^ A blog for the forum i run. Currently has over 30,000 posts XD =]

  4. One cool site: wordpress blogging tips

    ^ I recommend this blog because it has a lot of great resources for

    Maybe the best urban photoblog in Canada. Turcot Yards is the largest abandoned urban space in the world (Troy notwithstanding) and this is a photoblog of abandoned urban spaces. This is what the archaeologists of the future will see.

  6. Thanks, Rain!

    And here is one for writers that understands what you are going through trying to get that great novel out of your subconscious. Refreshing in many ways.

    Red Ravine

  7. Axm1: Blogs that are NOT yours.

    I have quite an obsession with british Cop blogs at the moment (no idea why) + I love dogs:

  8. Can you explain (3) please?

  9. I'd prefer it if he'd demonstrate, but the Penguins have been quiet this week.

  10. (3) is an empty threat to whine to keymasters about (imagine my highest pitch voice here) my thread being infested and demand their removal (to be precise the removal of their recommendation) from this thread.

  11. A blog helping me understand a significant portion of humanity:

  12. Two sports blogs on WP I just started reading:

    Both pretty good (and share many common interests with my blog at the moment... namely, NBA!).

  13. Hey, thanks for the link deltafoxtrot!...I don't know how you found me but I'm glad that you're getting something out of my totally "normal and well-adjusted" thoughts, haha ;-)

    Well now that I'm here, this seems like a fun thread, so let me add one too:

    I starting blogging in July, and this remains my favourite blog:

    -How shall I describe it?'s about a writer, it's about a very interesting fella, it's about thing that's consistent in all the posts is the awesome writing matter what the topic or tone for a given post, the writing has such a good pace and flow that you get wrapped up in it, and by the end you're always wondering: "where's the next part? I want more!!"....just great stuff :-)


    Nursemyra runs a tight ship over at the Gimcrack Hospital, but things loosen up a lot for Casual Friday.

  15. Yes, I should have included her.

  16. I have plenty in my mind, but for the meantime i would recommend blog of Unique Muslimah. She writes with passion and very captivating words. The link is


    Yes, another croft blog (as my two favourite police blogs have already been mentioned). Paul crofts on the island of Raasay on the west coast of Scotland and has quite an eventful life too. He also had a refreshingly honest take on life, the universe and everything.

  18. Josh Wilker's Baseball Toaster

    This guys is seriously one of the best authors I've ever read. He weaves intricate stories filled with memories of his tortured childhood around the visages of random and obscure late 70's early 80's baseball cards. Sometimes his posts are so funny I bust out in laughter. Other times they are dark and disturbing. Always the are identifiable and offer some sort of remembrance to the awkward days of youth.

    This post is a great example:

    ....and yet another great example:

    Delightfully random: photos of abandoned sofas, with geocoordinates.

  20. @romi - adding my vote for paulbaylay - he doesn't post often, but when he does, great stuff.

    Another who posts seldom but well and also lives in Germany - and on the other side of the river, as they say here - is Deutschland ├╝ber Elvis:

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