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  1. wordwatchtowers

    The previous thread recommending other people's blogs was closed. It's worth starting a new one for this:

    The blog I need help with is


    This has been one of my favorite blogs since I found it about (I think) 2 years ago. The author of the blog is an amazing person and feels things deeply. His life is an amazing look deep inside a persons heart and opinions. Not to mention sometimes funny as heck things are posted.


    A couragous and an inspiring young woman.

  4. @bats0711 - I've tried your link twice and there is no response.

  5. @laavventura here is the correct link for you

    I like Its not just about a pet, but also it has thoughful elements about life, psycology and humanity. So it's not a typical cat blog. But the cat... What a person!

  6. Oh crud, thanks Catwoman.

  7. I must return the favor and recommend 4Cats' blog. I rely on it -- I subscribe. I look to 4Cats for grins, hand-holding, smarts, and long experience. Plus her artwork is cool. Be sure to check her out. 4Cats, I salute you!

  8. And while I'm at this, I want you all to see A Life Bewhiskered too. You might hurt yourself laughing | admiring the adventures of Spock & Ze. Wonderful pics and cartoons. Look for the post on cat yoga. Hilarious.

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