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  1. Hi,

    I'd like you to recommend 1 blog that is not your own along with a brief description. Looking for blogs to follow.

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is


    I believe that is the site. The guy who writes the blog is hilarious! At least most of the time. He is sarcastic and can be kind of harsh sometimes but he's great if you'd like to give a try. You should defidently read the post about the most ackward moment in his life! I laughed for such a long time.


    a blogging friend of mine who is awesome. She covers literature, travel, and photography. She has an amazing looking site.

  4. Thank you both for the recommendations. Yes, both great sites. I will read them both.

    Wordpress blogging tips, tools and tutorials. The best blog to recommend to a beginner like you to learn blogging through blogging tips.

  6. strawberryindigo


    A very witty lady. Not to be missed. seriously.

  7. Thank you for your suggestions. I will read what you recommend.


    John Scalzi is the president of the SFWA and his blog is absolutely hilarious. He writes about all kinds of things, from life as a professional writer to the farce that is American politics at the moment. As a bonus, he updates his blog every single day!

  9. @carrieslager. I have a feeling the blog you recommended and I will be good friends. It will give me something to do at work. Hahahah. Just kidding! No, seriously, Boss, just kidding. Please don't fire me. I have kittens to feed.

  10. @kyllingsara. Here's a sample of some of his finest rants, for your enjoyment.

    1. I Hate Your Politics

    2. 10 Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing

    3. 10 Things to Remember About Authors

  11. Thank you for providing those links. Your blog is also pretty awesome.

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