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Recommendation Form for Pages

  1. I am on and can not download plug in's. But I want to have a page where people can go recommend my page. Does anyone know of any good places to get that?

    I am using Wufoo for a contact form....but don't see the capability of having a recommendations form through them.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where people can recommend your page?

    Do you mean Testimonials? just use a Contact Form, as explained in the Support documents.

    Do you mean social media things like Likes, etc? That's enabled under Dashboard->Settings->Sharing.

  3. Testimonials is another word yes. I want a form people can fill out with their name, company and the experience they had working with me.

    Nothing to do with social media

  4. I would like what people to write to be posted on the page. Wont this just send an email to me?

  5. Yes it will and then you can post it on a Page for Testimonials like raincoaster suggested above.

  6. Ok so you are suggesting have them fill that form out then I just type it in like their page? I guess that could work. Thanks guys!

  7. Yes, otherwise you tempt people to troll you, ie leave nasty comments. This way you can look them over.

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