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    I’m using wordpress as a site for a 40-year reunion of my college group. I would like to use a static home page that comes up when anyone logs in, with details of the reunion, then (as posts) a blurb from each class member, with photos. I’ll be receiving the info from them and making the posts, so only one contributor. I’d like to be able to show a menu on the home page with everyone’s names so people can just click through to read about whoever they like.

    Can anyone recommend a suitable theme to use for this? I’ve done a few wordpress blogs for my travel, so I have a bit of experience, but not too technical. I don’t mind paying a modest amount for a customisable theme (but don’t want to pay then find it doesn’t work for me). If anyone can direct me to an existing blog along these lines that would also be useful. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Just about every theme can be set up with a static front page and a posts page.

    I’d like to be able to show a menu on the home page with everyone’s names

    Unless you have an unusually small group, this could get quite unwieldy.

    The posts highlighting classmates is a great idea because you can then add categories, like what major they were, and those can then be used in a Custom menu. You can also add a Posts Archive page using the posts shortcode, which can list every classmate (as post titles) and a Search widget if there isn’t one built in to your theme.

    More here:



    Thanks, I think I have it sorted now. Not quite as I had envisaged, but near enough, and it should be easy for my readers to follow. I used twenty fourteen, which has a search, and I gave the posts categories (but I could only use two because we all had the same major, so there are about 30 people in each category). Haven’t got all the data in yet, so time will tell. Always something to learn and I’m 61 years old – but it’s great fun! Thanks for your help.

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