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Recommendations wanted for my current effort


    How d'ya like my design so far? It probably doesn't help that I'm a tad colourblind. I usually code up other people's designs rather attempt them myself. I picked the text colours from the main image. Possibly they're too bright?

  2. Let me preface my response by saying, "I'm no geek" so I don't get accused of thread jacking by the techno set.
    I can read your blog without getting eyestrain and it's attractive too. I have a vision problem but I can see your blog clear as a bell on my firefox 1.5 browser. The contrast is excellent and the colours sparkle. I am also able to read the font size you have used without glasses (alleluia!). Moreover it's sans serif so it's easier to read.
    The one suggestion I would make is that you might consider having 1/2 inch margins on both sides of the template. This is because I found myself shifting my head from side to side to take the whole width in on a 17 inch monitor. Thumbs up ^^.

  3. Only thing I dont like is that it's to dark.

  4. I like it. However, consider making your banner smaller, allowing people to see, without scrolling, more of the latest post.

  5. I gotta admit that I would like to see an actual description of the David Brent video instead of "Watch it now before it gets taken down." Please remember that some of us can't play those videos because of teh enviroment we're sitting in. :)

  6. Thanks for your feedback.

    babbler - I've reduced the header size by about 80 pixels. Thanks for the tip.

    drmike - I was looking for feedback on the styling. I'm always looking to improve the content of my blog though. I was just being lazy with this post.

    timethief - do you mean a left and right border going from top to bottom? If so, I'm hoping to do that sometime this weekend. Thanks for the kind remarks re: the design.

    patriotsfan- I agree. I see the black as the base colour. Overtime, I'll introduce bits of colour to the elements that make up the blog. It's all about experimentation. I feel I'm limited though because of the header image I chose and thusly photoshopped.

  7. @salochin - yes! a 1/2 inch border on either side is exactly what I meant.
    [hmmm - boredom that leads to contemplation of cost cutting measures and thrifty ideas - and you're a Scot aren't you? Pardon this canuck who is *lol* ;)]

  8. timethief - i've added the border. i think it works okay. Makes everything easier on the eye and lifts the page up from the background.

    [sorry to disappoint. I'm not a Scot. Been living and working in Edinburgh for a year now though. I'm tight for money right now and would prefer not to give it away to greedy corporations ;-)]

  9. Beautiful! Nice graphics and colors.

    I don't like the font but there are no other complaints from me. Nice work!

  10. I'm puzzled because I'm not seeing borders of any kind with my firefox browser.
    I'm on a tight budget too and like you I'll be damned if I give corporations a cent more than I have to. ;) Also re: RSS subscriptions - check this out

  11. timethief - possibly your browser window isn't wide enough?

    I've made some updates taking into consideration the tips from you guys. Thanks for the heads up on the RSS subscriptions timethief. I've changed the font too.

    I wondering if there's a nifty way to style the flickr feed. It's served up with <br /> so don't know if there's a way escape this. Any hints?

    take a peep

  12. I have a hard time with white text on dark backgrounds.

  13. See if this tool can be of help. It can be of help to all you guys developing your own templates. It also gives details on how people with vision problems will see the color schemes you generate.

  14. @risenphoenix
    kewl beans - tx

  15. Thanks for your feedback. It's turning out to be a valuable to cycle ;-)

    The contrast between the white and black was too much. I've now reduced the contrast by changing the white as I quite like the black background.

    I've also outdented each blog post slightly to make it more obvious where a post begins and ends.

    And beforehand the date was too prominent on its blue background. Now it's the same colour as the other text with a bold typeface.

    Any thoughts?

  16. Although the white font had a glare to it, the rust coloured font is harder to see because it's not IMO enough contrast against the black background (BTW I like black backgrounds too).

    The cream coloured font you have in the main blog headings is not glaring and it is easy to read. But perhaps reversing the use of the rust and cream colours might produce a more easily readble result in the main blog. If not then perhaps choosing the main blog font colour to be cream and the headings to be lavendar as they are in the sidebar might be okay.

    I do like the dates better without the blue background.

  17. @timethief

    I took your advice and switched colours of the headings and body text. The main blog headings didn't look quite right so I switched it for the lavendar. It looks a lot better now and easier to read. Thanks!

  18. thumbs up ^^

  19. I have no advice to give other than to say that I really like the look of it.

    Oh, and the Geo Vistors Map link is black text on black background.

    And the more photos link on the flickr widget is blue instead of purple.

  20. much better!

  21. Here's my contribution, for what it's worth. It's very dark. I know some are wedded to it, but I don't understand why people feel that white/pale text on a dark or black background is either user friendly or easy to read.It's all very well creating a cool looking site and you might feel proud from a design perspective, but if you really want people to be comfortable reading your page, you need to try and incorporate your user's needs as well. (unless you only intend them to look at photos). And if it's hard to read what's the point in bothering? Most won't.

    You may find it too awful to contemplate, but you can't beat black text on a white background.

  22. @britgirl

    Thanks for the feedback. Your comments got me thinking about colour combinations so I researched it a little. Personally, I find light on dark backgrounds easier on the eye. But rather than relying on my own experience, I point to a research paper on web page colour combinations that may be of interest to anyone who dabbles in web design.

    The paper makes some key conclusions but the author points out that the experiments conducted were controlled and therefore not conclusive.

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