Recommended alternative to WordPress?

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    Hello all,

    I’m getting really angry with WordPress.

    So, for a brand new blog I’m planning, I’m thinking
    of moving away from WordPress.

    See my list of requirements below.

    If you have any good recommendations,
    please let me know.

    Thanks a lot


    Blog Website – Requirements

    Could be any one of the websites found at:
    Drupal, Typepad, Tumblr, Blogspot/Blogger, etc

    – Statcounter
    – Website (ie, WordPress, Google)
    – Flagcounter

    Upload prepared post in 10 minutes max
    (WordPress takes at least 30 minutes)

    Ability to change the theme

    Change font in 10 seconds
    – Highlight, Change font
    – Word, line, paragraph only

    Plug Ins, Widgets
    – Statcounter
    – Flag counter
    – Twitter
    – search the blog

    Upload PDF files, so they can be downloaded by readers

    Insert pictures, graphics

    Insert Table/spreadsheet onto the blog, and/or
    Access the HTML Code to create HTML tables

    Contact form

    Comment functionality
    Ability to approve, delete comments

    Hopefully, blog posts found via internet search easily enough

    Ideally free

    No big brother censorship

    Perhaps can monetize the blog


    Perhaps this particular support forum isn’t the best place to ask about alternatives to Staff here are unlikely to recommend rival companies. Volunteers here are mostly happy with the service provides or they wouldn’t continue to log in and post here. I’m not sure why you think uploading a prepared post takes so long. Prepared where? If the other places offer free sites then why not go ahead and create some and experiment with Drupal, Typepad, Tumblr, Blogspot/Blogger, etc.
    Personally I think WordPress has by far the best themes and if you find too limiting there are a trillion possibilities with the software. If you’re trying to avoid big brother censorship you’d better cross Tumblr off your list though. Thousands of former Tumblr sites recently migrated here because of the new increased censorship there.



    Thanks for the response.

    Hopefully, bloggers here, good enough to
    answer questions on the forum, will know about
    more than just WordPress. And have experiences
    with other blog websites.

    I’m just a little user.

    I’m hoping to avoid having to host my
    new blog on my own website. And struggle
    with yet another tech stack.

    My content is what’s important.
    Not becoming an expert on how to make
    blog software work.

    Thanks for the heads up about Tumblr.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

    Thanks a lot!


    I replied here before realizing it was a duplicate posting.

    Are you looking to use the open source WordPress installation? We can suggest reputable hosting for that. Based on the thread I replied to above though, I am not quite clear on what you’re looking to achieve.

    – Do you want to use WordPress (open source community installation)
    – Do you want to use (managed environment that includes your hosting and support)
    – Do you want to use something different all together?




    Thanks for responding.

    One of my blogs is on WordPress.

    But for a new blog I’m thinking of, I’d like
    to move away from WordPress altogether.

    Both, and/or hosted.

    As the post says.

    Any recommendations that can fit the requirements listed?




    Hi there,

    As @themagicrobot indicated above, we’re not able to provide recommendations for other services in this forum. Both staff and volunteers in this forum for the most part only use WordPress, so we’re not in a position to recommend someone else.

    There are many sites that do reviews and comparisons of different platforms, so I suggest you try searching Google for something like “WordPress alternatives”. If you use, that might also be a good place to look.

    If you’re thinking of moving away from, we do have a guide on how to export your content here:




    You closed:

    saying it was a duplicate of this thread.

    It was not.

    They are two separate subjects.

    One is software, one is hosting.

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