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    – Mexican Spanish
    – Latin American Spanish (both have differences from Europian Spanish)
    – Haitian Creole
    – Gullah would be great, but that’s such a niche language, that I feel guilty even mentioning it!


    We can implement Mexican Spanish (es_MX) and Haitian Creole (ht) and even Gullah (gul_US or just gul). And don’t worry about “niches”, after all we have Klingon and Mirandese, it doesn’t get any more “niche” than that :D…

    What I’m at odds with is “Latin American Spanish”, though. Is there actually a common version everybody knows, or does it vary by country? (i.e. we can have Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, et al… no problem there)



    Hi, adding support for complex writing for Gujarati is really appreciated as there are many bloggers who blog in Gujarati and to do so we use various ways. Some script to support it will be great. One example of such complex script writing can be found at —

    And apart from that if you want some more information or help please let me know; I will be happy to help.

    Rahil Parikh


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