Recommended method for updating/adding menus when adding new theme

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    I’m working locally on a completely new theme. Once I’m done I’m going to use the “test drive” plugin to allow admins to test the theme before switching over to it. The problem is that with the new theme there are more menus. How do I manage adding the menus without messing with the live site?

    Can I somehow import them?
    Or while I’m test driving the new theme, can I add the menus or will they be added globally?



    What I’ve started to implement for the menus is:
    1. Check if the menu exists, if it does build it the normal WP way.
    2. As a fallback, revert to a hardcoded menu.

    So I’d upload the theme, activate it, add the menus and after launch I’d then have to go and remove the fallbacks.

    Not sure if this is right. Seems a bit awkward.



    You are in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.ORG.

    Why are all these .org people suddenly getting through the supportbot filter?




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