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    I current own two domains and my own domain, which I am not using (and will not) because it’s too time-intensive for me.

    I would ultimately like to:

    – get rid of the “wordpress” part of my domains so that they fit more nicely on my communications (i.e., business cards)

    – have an easy way on each of my blogs to access the other blog; I’d like the audiences of both blogs to be more aware the other one to increase traffic to both

    – do this as cost effectively and simply as possible

    Can I use my existing domain to save on the cost? If yes, how?

    It might also be nice to have one site/blog that serves as a simple gateway to the other two blogs. I.e., I can envision having a very simple home page that has easy access to both of my blogs.

    * In any event, I’m looking for input from others who have thought about this; I’d like to only do this once!


    The blog I need help with is



    You can map your existing Domain name to your and it changes into – Domain Mapping $ 12.– USD / year

    You did not have links to the existing blogs, but as a rule I dislike the “click twice to get to the site I want” thing – I would tend to have the main site as the one on my cards (this is what I did) then either the 2nd site stand alone with it’s own url (even to putting it on your card) or a link at the top of the 1st site to your second site. Just my $0.02 contribution before breakfast



    I agree with auxclass. Have your main site on the business cards and a link to your other sites in the sidebar of your main blog. If you have more than one line of business that are not directly related each blog should have a link to the other and you should print multiple business cards, it looks more professional anyway.



    Thanks, guys.

    It sounds like you feel it’s important to have people click just once to get where they want to. I can appreciate that.

    Someone else has suggested registering a third blog, then using a static home page with links to the other two blogs (would require two clicks, of course). I could pay to have the “wordpress” portion of the third blog removed, I suppose.

    One thing that appeals to me about that is that I wouldn’t have to keep paying for the website that I own, but do not use. Also, the two blogs (; are related in that one is my ministry site, while the other contains thoughts on what my ministry addresses: the intersection of faith & medicine. But the two audiences tend to be pretty distinct, though each would probably have some interest in the other, something I’m hoping to promote. Then again, I don’t want to frustrate anyone.

    I suppose that, in the end, I’ll just have to make a choice.

    Thanks again!

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