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Recover a blog!

  1. imischievousboy


    I deleted my blog ( for a mistake and I want to recover it. What can I do? Can anybody help me?

    Thank you!

  2. you can do only one thing and that is--->'s written that if you'll delete,it will be deleted permanently.....

    well can you tell me was that blog getting some hits or nobody was visiting??
    i helped you,now you help me by vising --->

  3. jayantraj7, spamming with comments like that can cause staff to delete your blog. Just answer the question

  4. ok...sorry then........... :(

  5. imischievousboy

    Any suggestion? Can I recover my blog? I deleted it 3 hours ago...

  6. Blogs that are deleted are deleted permanently. There are three different warnings to this effect, including one in the email you get. It's gone.

    You might find some old posts on Google if you look there; look in the cached versions, not the regular versions.

  7. imischievousboy

    OK, I see...

    But I only want the same URL, because the post, entries, categories, etc... I can restore because I have a back-up in my computer.

    Can I get the same URL?

  8. No, you cannot. You were warned that you could not get the URL back. You are going to have to start over.

  9. so..happy new blogging.......what did you thought of and deleated??

  10. @jayantraj7
    Why don't you make today the day that you find an online chatroom to join?

  11. @timethef
    don't act smart...why don't u join an acting smart contest.....

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