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    I accidentally deleted a blog I had on this account and want to recover it. Is there a way to do that? The plan was to give the account to another person so she could use it, but now no one can use it. How can I recover the blog, or at least release the address so someone else can use it? It was

    Thank you in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    That is NOT possible under any circumstances. There are 3 warning given before one can delete a blog. Deleting is forever. No recycling of blog names here. No deleted URLs can be reused by yourself or by anyone else either.


    What a stupid rule. WordPress is dumb.


    Go to tools > delete site. Read the warnings there.

    If you still have it, go back to the confirmation email you received. Again, read the warnings.

    Go to the support document on deleting a site and read it.

    Whether you consider this a “stupid rule” or not, there are clear warnings all through the process clearly stating this is “permanent” and cannot be reversed.


    Yes, you’re very right. Apologies for being immature.

    However, what if, as the user of the original blog, I promise I won’t make a complaint if someone is offended by the new owner’s posts, mistaking the new owner for me? Then can I have by blog back? From the article on why blogs are not recycled, the only objection mentioned is mistaken identity leading to offended readers. If that problem is moot, then voila, easy peasy, right? Probably not.



    It makes no difference as I said above. Staff sets the rules I simply pointed you to them.



    If you wish you can add an “s” on the end of daisyrose and register that blog before someone else does.


    You are of course free to contact staff directly and ask.

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