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    How can I download the pictures that I uploaded at my blog? I´ve had a problem with my computer and I´ve lost all my pictures. I really would like to recover some of these pictures, that I uploaded to my blog, in the original size. Is that posible?



    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, you can create an Export file on the Tools page of the dashboard that includes images. I don’t think you can JUST download the images, unless you do it one by one.


    Thankyou for the answer, If use the export tool I can´t download just the pictures and If I just save them one by one , they lose quality. Do you know how can I download them in the original size?




    Only by exporting the whole blog.



    A bit above my paygrade – but you might be able to create a gallery and then make sure some option is set to display the full size picture if you click enough times on it then save it – that is the only workaround that might work – without FTP access to your blog you are limited in your options and FTP is not allowed here for security reasons



    If you don’t mind doing it one by one, you go to Media > Library, click each thumbnail and copy the image URL from the File URL field of the Save module; paste all the URLs you need in a text file, then copypaste each URL into the address bar of your browser.

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