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    My WP account was hacked as well as my email. The blog that I had was deleted by whoever hacked me. What can I do? I would really like to have my blog address again since I wasn’t the one who deleted it. Can you help?




    Deleted blogs and posts cannot be restored. Please consider setting up a new blog.

    If you want to make your blog more secure:

    * Please go to your profile page and update your password.
    * Please use a secure password with letters and numbers and other characters.
    * Please do NOT use the same password that you use for email.
    * Please update all of your email passwords to something more secure.

    Please read this warning from the support site:

    “Warning: Please be very careful when adding a new Administrator user to your blog. Other Administrators are effectively co-owners. They have as much power over your blog as you do, including the ability to permanently delete it, and the power to remove you from your own blog.”

    If an Administrator deletes a blog, it is *NOT* considered hacking.

    Please only give users the minimum rights needed to write on your blog such as Contributor or Author. If you give other users Administrator rights, then that means they will have full control of the blog and they can delete it without hacking. If you give other users Editor rights, then they can delete any posts from the blog without hacking. Authors can only edit and delete their own posts.

    More information on user roles is in this guide:

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