recovering API and Akismet details

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    When I signed up to WordPress a couple of days ago, I registered my personal domain and at the end of the sign-up process I was told that an email had been sent to my address with ‘API and Akismet details’, along with various other settings.

    Unfortunately, the email address I signed up with included a typo, so the information was sent to an email address I have no control over. Through the personal settings page, I have edited my email address accordingly to my personal one, and this has all been confirmed and altered. However, I did not receive the email initially sent to my other account, and I was wondering how accessible that information was..

    It would be helpful if someone could detail what information would’ve been included in the first email, how important it is, and where I might be able to get hold of it now.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Drop an email through and you’ll get a reply later today.
    Send the old / new emails if possible.

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