Recovering blog after loss of password

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    mark et al. –

    Not sure where to report this but thought I’d send up my situation. I did the unthinkable, changing my email address and then losing my password (at least the password I thought was legit is no longer working).

    So not too sure here at WordPress how to proceed. My site is hosted at MidPhase but I am temporarily prevented from editing my blog ( – have not been able to access it in several weeks.

    I have re-registered at (email redacted) (which I am using here to post).

    I need a little help in re-connecting with my blog (which I have put quite a bit of time in to date – getting ready to launch it).

    Thanks in advance —



    You need to post at but in this case they’ll point you at my site:
    which will sort things out.



    mark –

    thanks a million! Happy New Year to all..



    mark –

    One more question if you drop back by – I’ll wait until Support opens on the 2d and try back then.

    I have full access to CPanel at MidPhase which is hosting my site. What I have lost the ability to do is log in at WordPress and add items, edit, etc. Wasn’t sure if this was clear.

    Thanks for dropping by.



    It’s clear. You can use CPanel to get into phpMyAdmin as it’s one of the links on the menu.

    The support timeframe is for blogs here at You’re using the downloadable version of WordPress which is different from what is run here at You need to be over at


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