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    I was the owner of Blog but is now deleted. Is there a way of recovering the blog, the posts and everything? it says that it was deleted by me. The problem appeared yesterday afternoon and nothing appears in my Dashboard. I have other registered blogs here but the rest seems to be ok.




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    If you did indeed delete the blog then I’m sorry but the answer is there is no way to recover it. You may find your indexed posts in Google’s cache. Please see here >



    I forgot to ask if you are the only Admin on the blog or not. I also forgot to ask if you shared your login information with anyone else, or chose an easy to guess password, or left your login information anywhere else that another person could have used it. However, it wouldn’t make any difference if your answer was ‘yes” to those questions as once a blog has been deleted it’s gone forever and the URL cannot be recycled and used again.


    If you had another admin on the blog, do take this as a lesson to never make anyone an admin, and only those you would trust with your life an editor. If you had your password saved on your computer and someone else uses your computer, they could actually log in quite easily and wreak havoc such as this.


    You can also contact staff about it and perhaps they can shed a little more light on it as they have much more information available to them (logs and such).




    You can contact Staff using this link

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