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    I registered a blog as my primary blog but then deleted it by mistake. Now when I try to rename my primary blog to that name it says it already exists but when i put it in url is says the website cant be found the author deleted it. Yes, I understand I deleted it myself some time ago and I have also come to know that it cant be recycled as available however it is very important for me to get it back.

    I am an author and that was my pen name. What to do, please help! user name: qmsidd
    current website:
    desired website:

    I cant purchage a domain at the moment and would hence love to get for me… I would really appreciate if this could be done somehow, would be a big big thing for me please…! I do not want to go away from as I am now used to it.

    Q. M. Sidd

    The blog I need help with is


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    You cannot recover or register any deleted blog URL. Deleted blog URLs are not recycled, regardless of who registered and deleted them and no exceptions are made.

    You can register another blog by adding a number before or after the name you want, or substituting numbers for letters (qu51dd for example), or adding words (qmsiddsbooks for example)

    Or you can register a domain via a domain mapping upgrade because it does not matter what the underlying address is when you are domain mapping. Domain Registration is a paid upgrade that starts at only $18.00 per domain, per year.



    I thought I’d answered this yesterday. That’s why the warnings say deletion is permanent and irreversible: because it is.


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    @raincoaster: you probably did answer yesterday, and the day before, and the one before that, and so on, so on—common question. Everyone wants to be the exception… but it’s an illusion, wishful thinking, or a misunderstanding.

    @qmsidd: As I suggested, a little creativity in choosing a different blog name / url goes a long way.



    Thanks for the responses. Yes it is indeed a close-ended question, I was just trying to explore if something could be done. Seems like its a dead end for me.

    My mistake, I deleted it after creating it and do not really remember did I do so.

    Hmmm, yes I shall have to think now and see what could be the name. Or perhaps leave it to for the time being… I have a few followers and readers on it anyway. All the social websites where I have linked my blog will have to be re-linked and all that.

    I might change it to qmsiddbooks (good idea) or something like that and take the effort of reconnecting it, not hard really but takes time.

    Let us see…

    thank you all.


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    Hope it’s a sort of silver lining that you can see an option for a different blog name / url which will reflect who you are online. Best wishes on your site and happy writing! ≥^!^≤



    Silver lining.. Yes indeed. Who knows :)

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