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    Is there a way to recover a previous draft of a post that has not yet been published? I’ve been playing around with inserting images into my blogs. I noticed earlier that when I edit an image after inserting it into the blog, it deletes the text that is near the image. Well, I apparently wasn’t paying close enough attention to this and I pressed save or update (whichever was the available option). The result of is that I have lost two blocks of text. If I can recover a previous draft of the blog, I can avoid attempting to rewrite those two paragraphs with all of the wit and skill I had an hour ago. Help!

    The blog I need help with is



    have you resolved this? If not the answer is “yes”, provided you did click “save” then the autosave feature came into play and there will be either a post revision or page revision, which ever the draft was, and you can restore it.
    autosave >
    post revisions >
    page revisions >

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