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    Okay, so yesterday I accidentally deleted my free blog, called ‘An Awkward Blog’. How do I retrieve it?

    Thank you


    Hi there, what is the address of the site you deleted? Was it



    Yes, the address of my deleted site was that


    I have restored your site for you.


    My site is locked as I forgot my password. I am supposed to invite Administrator but I cannot access my Dashboard. My site is S.P.’s Space of 6 T’s


    lspeng1951884938537 –

    What is the site address?

    Many thanks for the kind assistance.
    SP Lim




    In future please don’t post into unrelated threads created by other users. It’s much easier for us to help you effectively in your own thread.

    That site belongs to the username lspeng1951. We have reset the password of that account as a security precaution, and to log back in you need to first log out of this account, and then request a password reset link at, using the lspeng1951 username, or the email address you have connected to that account. You should also have received an email from us yesterday explaining this.

    If you don’t receive the password reset email, or you don’t have access to the correct email account any more, please follow our account recovery process to regain access to the account:

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