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Recreate Archive Tables Based On Imported Posts?

  1. Is there any way (plugin or otherwise) to have WordPress recreate the archive tables in the database? I imported my old Blogger and Livejournal posts to a new WordPress blog, and all of the posts and comments all successfully imported, but now if I try to access any of those imported archives, they don't exist.

    For example:
    works, because those are new posts...
    does not work, because those are imported Blogger posts - WordPress should be showing me the posts, not dropping me to a server directory.

    Any ideas?

  2. dissfunktional

    are you using a downloaded version of wordpress, or are you using and linked your domain to your blog? if the first is the answer... you would need to be at a different forum, wordpress.ORG/support

  3. ah, downloaded - will post there... thanks.

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