Recuperate post that I have lost

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    I was wondering if you could get from the server the following post
    iiiiiniiiii | mayo 13, 2013 en 11:01 pm | Etiquetas: austerity, banks, crisis, Europe, society | Categorías: International | URL:
    By mistake I lost it when I took it with Blogsy as a base to write another one and I lost the previous content that had been already publised.
    Is there any chance you can get it from the cache and send it to me? I don´t have a local copy neither in my explorer nor Blogsy :(((((

    The blog I need help with is



    If you go into your editor page and click “screen options” at the top right there will be a checkbox labeled “revisions”. Click this and close the screen options pane and you will see previous revisions of the post. You can then retrieve and publish the previous revision.


    THANKS soooo much!

    It worked perfectly, lots of time saved:)



    you’re welcome

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