Red background of You May Like Section on My Activity page

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    On the My Activity page, there is a section called “you may like” . The background color is red and I think the print is blue. This is very difficult to read for someone who is color blind, which I am. I can not read the names and to be honest it actually hurts my eyes to try. It would be great if someone could change the red to another background color that is lighter.

    The blog I need help with is



    I am visually challenged but not color blind. Th background color of our activity pages!/activities/ is black and the links bright turquoise in color. I have no issue with readability and these pages do meet accessibility standards for the web. As the pages you are viewing are universal I sincerely doubt that Staff will change them.


    The red is the background color of the links. This is the only place that I have had a problem reading. There is no way that I can read whose blogs they are recommending as the colors blend together and the letters just run together. It is a shame that the Staff probably won’t correct this. Thanks for responding Timethief.



    I am not seeing any red links here!/activities/
    Please post a link to the Page you refer to.


    Here is the link:!/read/fresh/

    It is the last box in the right hand column that reads: You Might Like

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