Red borders appearing round pictures in Ocean Mist

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    None of my pictures are linked but they still displayed the border. Even the emoticons had borders.
    I e-mailed support, but by the time they e-mailed me back, the borders were gone. Seems obvious that it was just another WP glitch.

    @lance, thanks for fixing the problem!



    Glad yours is fixed @thedailyclick, but my problem still remains. Am I the only one?


    Hi, tteditor. Borders can be removed from linked images by visiting the Advanced Settings for that image and adding

    border: 0pt none;

    to the Styles field. I hope that helps!



    Thanks – have been emailed this same response, but it doesn’t explain why the images in my blog with links didn’t have a border before yesterday (despite stating border=”none”) and they now have! Something has changed with this theme.

    Yes I can fix it by using your method but I will have to do this for all of the hundreds of images I’ve posted over the last year – doesn’t seem right and will take me a heck of a long time.

    Also I sometimes post from my phone by writing just plain html but now I won’t be able to do this and post images because I’ll need to click on it using a fully-fledged browser on a PC to get to the advanced settings?



    Will you please post the URL for the blog in question. Then we can view it in different browsers and report the results. Also will you please post which browser and version of it are your using?



    BTW you refer to posting by phone but haven’t identified which phone you are using? Are you using a app?
    There is a separate forum for the blackberry app at

    For the iphone wordpress app, you need to inquire over at

    If it is the app written by wordpress you need to inquire over at




    I’ve actually fixed the first few articles (5 I think) so it doesn’t look so bad for visitors.
    Using Chrome but every browser I’ve tried it in looks the same – IE, Firefox, Android default browser, Safari.



    Have you used ? It’s very useful when it comes to checking cross browser compatibility?



    It’s like I’m speaking a different language here!

    This particular problem was caused by the changes made to the Ocean Mist theme that were promoted live yesterday – nothing to do with what browser I’m using or what device I sometimes post from.

    Basically I need to know if WP are going to change the theme again so that my existing code will work again or if I’m now going to have to manually change all the image html code that I’ve been using over the last years worth of posts because it’s stopped working through no fault of my own.

    Can a theme admin please let us know one way or the other? My site looks terrible at the moment with all these image borders all over it so I just need to know if this problem will be looked into or if I’m going to have to just spend hours changing it manually.




    I apologize for posting comments that you did not find helpful.
    Staff first post here and then posted here

    If you want to contact Staff directly then please use this link >



    Thanks – I have already contacted staff directly but they just told me the same thing – use the advanced settings. This doesn’t answer my question.

    I need to know if this is a problem they even recognised or will fix.


    Ocean Mist image border behavior should be back to normal now, everybody. My apologies for any confusion. Let us know if you spot anything else unusual.



    OK thanks

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