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Red Is Nice

  1. Are you still accepting requests? Because I’d really like to see Red Is Nice be added.

  2. WOW! I was just looking at this theme today, and I also thought it's cool!

  3. The header image is a little big for my taste, but that's a minor quibble. We really need at least one red theme for those of us who are sick of blue ;)

  4. I'd like the ChinaRed theme to be available. I prefer a calendar on my blog and it seems very few are offered here.

  5. I guess its good for those people that like HUGE headers. Content isnt styled very nicely though.

  6. Subcategories are also not under their parents and there is no calender on the theme which some people have been requesting. (I don't know why it sounds like to me that JudyK says there is.)

    The categories are in alphabetical order though. That's a plus.

  7. drmike, If you are referencing my comment about ChinaRed, I have a blog on another wpmu site using ChinaRed and it does have a calendar. I have seen it on still other sites and the host has apparently chosen not to include the calendar.

  8. Cool.


  9. Here's a theme I found online that might make an excellent addition to the existing templates. It's called 'Azurio TXP'.

    Link -


    PS - Its a bit confusing as to where exactly we put in requests for new themes.

  10. red is VERY nice! i like red, and i like the fact that this theme has the potential to allow custom header images. the style is very reminiscent of ambiru, but with the sidebar it's even better than ambiru.

    azurio is good, too, with the custom header image potential. i'm very anal about custom header images, pls excuse me.

    all theme requests should be sent to feedback for the right people to read it. but many put their requests here so other wp users can have a look and comment, or so that they can send in their own feedback too to request the theme.

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