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  1. Does anyone else use Reddit to try and promote their blog? I do and while it's great for getting views, it seems like that's all it's good for. Seems like everyone on that website just waits around for negative things to say like "you suck at Reddit" and "your blog sucks." While I can accept the fact that my blog sucks (awaiting official verification from atomicgator), it's obnoxious that people would do that. Anyone else get this? Or am I the only one that sucks? Sorry kiss for my whining.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yeah, Redditors are cruel. It's fun... >:3 /shame
    It's only good for boosting views. Redditors hate self-promotion, and have no problem downvoting everything that seems it's from someone desperate for hits.

    I don't promote my own blogs on Reddit. If I post, it's most likely a rage comic or something via the Cheezburger Network. Reactions are hit-or-miss.

    If you want ~20+ "empty" views (per post) from people who won't actually follow your blog (and will most likely embarrass you with downvotes), then Reddit is for you! I prefer being on the other end myself. |D

  3. The hits do come pretty fast once posting to Reddit, but I've never had a comment from anyone. Not even a downvote or a "you suck," which would be somewhat amusing, actually. I'm weird like that.

  4. Yeah, I didn't really mind the you suck. It was kind of like a challenge to me. Maybe it will serve as motivation. But I don't think I'll be putting my posts on Reddit anymore. Maybe I can find some hardcore Jasonites that will do it for me. I think that's how Reddit is supposed to work from what I'm reading/finding out now.

  5. Click this link and answers will be found >

  6. I tried it recently. One post had 50 or so hits, others 0 or just a few. I've looked at the popular links and I can't work out why they are popular! I haven't had downvotes or any comments. I may be missing something... There doesn't seem to be any logic to it.

  7. Reddit is the same as Twitter, the same as Facebook, the same as any social platform. If the only contribution you make is to self-promote, people will write you off. You must participate in a meaningful way or Redditors will ruthlessly downgrade you as a spammer, and they will be correct to do so.

  8. I have some stupid questions.

    What would be a good ratio of links to other people/links to myself? 3 to 1? 5 to 1? 10 to 1?

    Is it smarter to post links to content similar to mine?

    I feel like a manipulative publicity hound, but isn't that what social media is all about? :-)

    (Sorry raincoaster for asking for free advice. You can bill me.)

  9. 1) maybe 20/1

    2) no, be as wide-ranging as possible unless you're trying to build a name for yourself as an expert in a particular field.

    3) yes, that's what social media is all about. Besides: you know me. If you start being greedy, I'll just swear at you. No worries.

  10. I don't get the whole Stumbler/Reddit thing at all.

    Raincoaster says put in, but how? Reddit doesn't even seem to be anything.

    I'm so confused.

    I'm wideranging and trying to lift the ratio.

    I now have no time to write.

  11. Reddit would benefit from a design that is closer to the year 2011 than 2000 - why don't they upgrade it?

    I can't see how I am supposed to 'like' something, yet it rates how many people like an article. What am I missing?

  12. You have to have an account at Reddit. Then you can vote things up or down when you're signed in.

    You contribute by posting things you think are interesting to Reddit, and by voting on the things other people have contributed, and by commenting on those posts there.

    Remember, you cannot do everything. Find somewhere in social media that seems to work the way you think, and hang out there. You'll get far more out of it that way than trying to do a halfassed job on half a dozen platforms.

  13. Therein lies my problem, I think. I haven't found that "somewhere" yet!

    Maybe my thoughts processes just do not fit the bell curve. :)

  14. I think you'd like Google+. It is conducive to more thoughtful posts, and it's very clean, ie there's very little spam right now. I could send you an invitation if you want.

  15. I'm on Google+ but haven't had the time to figure it out yet. I'm all over the place and need to focus on one thing at a time. I'm slowly getting the twitter thing, I think Google+ is next. Facebook is losing its appeal fast, though it is one of my biggest referrers. Blah.

  16. How many social media platforms can we juggle at once, though? I don't have the time to keep up with FB, let alone another one like Google+

  17. We all need to make that determination for ourselves.

  18. Thanks, Raincoaster, I am already on Google+ I think I even have a circle - hope I remember my log in!

  19. @Raincoaster - well, I can't find you on Google+, although Momfog found me - maybe I just don't get this Google+ thing! Yet, anyway.

  20. @teamoyeniyi I imported you from my contacts list and then placed you in a super-duper secret circle you will never know the name of.

    I love that they make it a point of telling you the person will never know the name of the circle in which they are placed. Makes me wonder what circle people place me in....

    I don't know anything else about Google+ at the moment, either. :-)

  21. sounds like witchcraft, all this secret circle stuff! Or those crop circles in England. The "Stream" looks just like Facebook's "Newsfeed" if you ask me. Not that anyone did, of course!

  22. @teamoyeniyi omg you mean to say Google+ has a "stream" and yes, I am asking! The stream of my tiny little circle - I am the proud half of a circle of two (should I be admitting this?) is as dry as a creek bed in a Mallee scrub but somehow I am not at all bothered. Should I be?

  23. So I discovered this morning when I went looking for @Raincoaster! I was instantly struck by the similarity!

    I think I'm a circle of 3, so I wouldn't worry!

  24. You are going to have to change your name. Google+ is VERY strict about "common" names. They don't want collectives, they don't want business names, they don't even allow me to use "rain coaster."

    They WILL suspend you if they find you. And they WILL find you.

  25. Oh I see - I have to click on the arrows on Reddit! Duh. Not one person clicked on the arrows of my posts, either positive or negative! No comments. But people did click on them.

    Not sure I understand the point of Reddit, plus the design is terrible, very amateurish.

  26. Nobody clicked on them because, if you have no real status there, nobody even saw them. The more you contribute, the more people will see your posts.

    The point is just to have a place to share interesting stuff, a place that ISN'T Digg. Reddit was designed for wonks, not geeks. But now we have Tumblr as well, even though the only things that interest those people are pictures of pugs and tattooed girls in Alice in Wonderland costumes.

    The design is terrible because it's not a design-savvy group, and design work is very expensive, so the owner thought "why fix it if it ain't broken?" They got a metric snotload of money when they sold it to Conde Nast.

  27. OK - I've changed it to just me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  28. @tltcl - nostalgia has set in already with the wonks taking reddit back to basics.

  29. @Raincoaster (and any other Google+ early adopters) I found this via Twitter this morning:

  30. @teamoyeniyi Yeah, except they STILL don't explain the double standard. Why "people who are famous enough to us" get to keep their pseudonyms and others don't? Nobody is asking them to guarantee perfect anonymity: thats the opposite of what Google is all about. They are just asking to be able to use the name of their choice.

    OR for them to force Steffani Germanotta to use that name.

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