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    Why don’t we have a “reddit this” widget like we do for digg? Surely Reddit is popular enough by now to warrant this feature.

    The blog I need help with is



    I concur.

    Often, one or another of our regular readers will link a cogent Post to Reddit. Sometimes folks there agree and bump the numbers up a great deal – including our best-ever day just shy of 10,000 page views. Sometimes there’s just a moderate bump and that’s OK, too. Often they are new to the blog.

    I can see a problem with including Reddit categories in the widget. We’re often copied over to politics and business; but, some of the most fun comes from health, soccer, cars…



    Well, Stumble is a lot more powerful than Reddit, if you’re going to look at numbers, and Fark most powerful of all (it’s given individual posts here over a million hits at a time). In order to facilitate all of these services at once, I use GetSocial, which is a slick little program designed for bloggers.



    Here is the GetSocial Tutorial for you [Written Tutorial]/Video Tutorial

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