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    I need to report that I simply added the reddit button, used it, and was taken to task by reddit moderators for doing it. I suppose you need to consider if you make this available if it is not welcomed by the hitlers at reddit.

    The blog I need help with is



    No, you need to use it in accordance with Reddit’s policies, which are that you don’t use it to promote your own stuff. You use it to post other people’s stuff to Reddit.

    Every social platform is different and you need to learn the etiquette.


    I read the rules to the board over at reddit and it didn’t say that. It had stuff I didn’t understand, such as ham sham blam scram and wham (or something like that). When I asked, I got fussed at again. No, they need to politely explain their policies in English for new users. And if WordPress offers a connection, you should be aware of and inform you bloggers that this isn’t to promote your blog.


    BTW, thanks for your answer. I understood it better than two messages from reddit moderators.



    Reddit moderators only speak Reddit. I disagree with you, however, that it’s WP’s responsibility to tell you how Reddit works.

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