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  1. josephvincent37

    How often do you change your blog's background, theme, layout, or widgets? I just changed the background of mine today since I noticed that the content of the posts had moved away from discussions on horror and more towards other genres and aspects of writing. So I went from a dark and morbid looking background to a more open, wistful background that would reflect the current content. So how often do you all give your blog an overhaul?

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  3. josephvincent37

    First time creating a post. I have now learned an important lesson.

  4. Oh old SB is like a worrisome little gnat at times. Lol.
    I've changed my theme at least half a dozen times since joining WP last September. I love doing that and I'm really having to restrain myself from changing AGAIN. Using Twenty Ten now and just got it looking ok. But I can feel a change looming. :)

  5. I probably change themes twice a year. It's a real pain though, because you have to make sure every single blog post fits to the new layout. Now that I bought a premium theme, I think it's less likely that I will be changing for a very long time. Until I get rid of that $68 in my head.

  6. jessielansdel made me laugh. I'm a visual person, an artist, and a blog is somewhat like a canvas. I change headers and backgrounds frequently. I change themes less frequently and I play with every new free theme in my test blogs.

  7. I just can't be bothered to readjust blog post text and images if a theme change demands it.

    So I'm boring..I stick to the same theme. I just like it. My widgets change occasionally.

  8. I changed quite a lot in the first few days while I tried to source something that reflected my 'Has Been who Never Was' concept.

    I loved Elegant Grunge but it didn't have the features that I wanted. I finally plumped on Fresh and Clean but with a new background to give it more of a 'lived in' look.

    I would be loathe to change now, having gone through designing banners etc - I do a new thumbnail and pic per post, and I post almost every day, so that's a lot of work needed if a reformat is required.

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