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    My redirect is going in cirlces its redirecting to a page which is redirecting
    to another. This has happened before. I clicked on a button to use my domain and its started going in circles again. Any easy answers please?

    The blog I need help with is



    Domain redirect or domain mapping?

    Your name servers are pointing to 1 and 1 which is correct if you are moving to 1 and 1

    You want domain mapping if you want your name to be used for your blog here –

    You want domain redirect if you have moved from WordPress.COM and want the traffic from your old blog to go to your new site

    What is your primary domain?

    Dashboard >> Store >> Domains

    What do you see for Upgrades?

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades

    I will also flag this for the staff to help as they have some tools that I don’t have



    I’ve always been with 1and1.
    I do have one of redirects set up which I am paying for, but not the other.
    My upgrades says DNS needs to be updated but I don’t want to do this as it will affect my email account.
    Cant figure which of the two options mentioned above I already have. I need for all traffic to come from my domain name to my wordpress page, which was happening until recently.

    Thanks for the help, really appreciated.



    If you want your name to put all the traffic on your WordPress.COM blog – – then you want to domain map

    Then here is where to start to fix the email so it works



    I just want it back the way it was!
    So that when anyone types in they are directed to the wordpress page I’ve created. This was working until I clicked the link that I was permanently offered to change my domain completely to, so that when I got to my page, that would come up in the menu bar.
    I never opted for it and when I tried to return, its already reconfigured something. I just want it back the way it was. Is this to do with my domain company, or the WordPress settings?



    I already pay for mapping, but now it is trying to take me through the process again.
    Mapping from my domain name was working fine then I hit another add redirect button on my dash board by mistake. Now, if you try to access my address online, an error message says. …”a page that is redirected to open another page which then is redirected to open the original page”

    When I go into my updates in the store I’m told “I’ve DNS needs to be updated ” When I click on it, it looks like its half way through a process.

    I’ve already bought the update/redirect and it was working fine until I hit that damn button!



    Sorry. Realised I keep posting the same question



    Also the staff generally work questions from oldest to newest – so patience at this point is a virtue



    The name servers for are not directed to us.

    Per the guide at they need to be:


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