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Redirect a page on my site to another page on my site

  1. I am surprised I cannot find this. There is a page on my site that no longer applies because it is the profile of a person that is no longer with the law firm. I want to redirect that page to my profile page and to avoid the dreaded 404 error. How do you do this? I am not trying to move anything to an external site, just from one page to another page because that page. There are a few pages on the site to which this applies.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the URL of this said page that no longer applies?
    Why don't you edit the page and remove whatever no longer applies?

  3. Please forgive me but I'm still not clear on why you would be desiring to redirect any page containing profile information "that no longer applies because it is the profile of a person that is no longer with the law firm" to your own profile page. I would delete such a page.

  4. If I delete it, it gets a 404 error. A 404 error is not desirable. It affects a page's ranking. Simply redirecting it will not send a reader to a 404 page. It will send the reader to a relevant page on the site and, over time, the redirected page leaves the search engines' google.

    I am unclear why we are having this type of discussion. Is there no way to do this? All users who have an internal page or post they need to redirect to another page on the same website have to delete it and then take the consequences of a 404?

  5. There is no way I am aware of to automatically redirect a single page / post to another specific Page / Post - the only option I am aware of is to not delete the Page - but do delete most if not all of the content - then have a sentence or two - this position is now held by or something like that with a link a visitor can click on to go to the desired Page -

    Sorry there is no redirect plug-in feature

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