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Redirect a subdomain to an external URL

  1. Given the following:

    1) I own a domain name purchased from another registrar.

    2) I have or will have purchased the Custom Domain option so that I can point to

    3) I will establish an external site for a store, such as

    4) I want to redirect the subdomain to

    How do I set up the Custom DNS records to accomplish this subdomain redirection, while leaving pointed to my WordPress blog?


    Blog url:

  2. ...bump...

    Still rather hoping for some guidance on this.



  3. I'm sorry you have waited so long and have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  4. Not a problem, timethief. WordPress is a big community, and I am one tiny piece of it. Thank you for your efforts.

  5. You can add Custom DNS records following this guide:

  6. Yes, I have read that page in the Support section, and I understand the interface that I would use to add a custom DNS record.

    What I do not understand is what custom DNS record I would add to redirect a subdomain to an external URL.

    I strongly suspect that I am not to first to have asked this question, but I can find no record of anyone ever providing a definitive answer to a user.

    Can anyone advise me what the custom DNS record I would need will look like, please?



  7. CNAME records are what control subdomains, so you would need to add that in the following format:

    CNAME <subdomain> <host>

    You'll need to contact the intended destination for what the host value should be.

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