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Redirect a to .org problems

  1. logicaecologica

    HI I have today bought the redirect tool from for 13 Dollars. I have followed all the steps and I also made sure that the URL:s are the same, with date and day. My problem is that now more or less 4 hours later I can´t enter in my admin for the new blog and the URL:s doesn´t work well. Is this normal that it takes some time for it to work.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am seeing redirect to as it should.

  3. logicaecologica

    Hi rootjosh,

    Ok, but I can´t still see all of my subscribers, I had on my .com bog more than 11 000 subscribers and on my .org blog I can just see that there are 14.

  4. That is a different process. The redirect tool does not migrate your followers for you.

    Do you have Jetpack set up and connected on your new blog?

  5. logicaecologica


    Yes I have Jetpack since 4 days ago on and I have asked for transfer or how you call it, I am not for sure but I havent still got my followers from my .com blog to my new sel-hosted blog. I have also in this foum asked if it is possible to bring the stats that my .com blog had. I had just reached 5 000 000 visits and is a pitty to lose all of them.

  6. I am seeing that your stats and followers have been transferred as per the replies on this thread:

    I'm going to close this thread. Please post any followup questions or issues on that thread to keep everything in one place.

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