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Redirect Blogger to WordPress

  1. I have looked tirelessly for a resolution to this with no luck. Is there a way to redirect links from blogger to my new blog? I'd all links and organic traffic to blogger to be redirected to the new site - is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you have free blogspot blog then you can reduce the number of posts displaying on the front page to one post and create a post with a link to your blog. There is no way you can redirect unless your blogspot blog is on it's own domain. All authority and pagerank belong to the URL the content was first published on and are not transferable. Also note that instructs us to make any duplicate content blogs here "private".

  3. Thanks, timethief. Could you please elaborate on making duplicate content blogs private? Or share a link?

  4. Surely on Blogger you can just do a javascript redirect?

  5. Thanks for the replies all. I'm aware of the javascript redirect. Unfortunately it doesn't redirect to the specific post but to the main page. If one makes the blogger blog private, will the old posts still show up in google searches?

  6. If one makes the blogger blog private, will the old posts still show up in google searches?

    Google clears their cache every 3 to 6 months or so. During that timeframe all the posts you moved into the blogs will be indexed at the new URLs. The posts at the blogger blog have been previously indexed. What will happen then is that the links for both blogs will both appear in the SERPs. When those using search engines click the original blogger blog URLs they will experience a "404" page not found.

  7. Thanks, timethief. Does it make sense to use the javascript AND make the blogger blog private? Or maybe do javascript first for X amount of time and then make private?

  8. Ok, I think everything turned out successfully. Please let me know if you think I will run into issues with duplicate content, etc.

    1. I added the code from the following link:

    2. Set blogger blog to private.

    3. Now all organic traffic is redirected to search queries in the new blog!

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