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    If I add a 301 redirect to a site, the google webmaster meta tag is also redirected. Thus, you lose access to the old site (property) in the google webmaster console. In fact, you cannot even add the redirect properly with google, because google first checks your access to both the new and the old domain, and you automatically fail this test.

    Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?



    Hello @baskervillefan !

    Can you please tell us what is the link of the site you need help for?


    no (private), but it seems to be a general problem: if you redirect form to, the google webmaster meta tag is redirected as well and you lose access to the old site in the google webmaster console.

    Google requires access to both the new AND the old site, even if the old one is redirected.



    Hi baskervillefan,

    It would be easier for us to help if we knew the old site url.

    Let me try and help you here. When does a 301 redirect, traffic isn’t sent to the site where the tag is added and redirected straight away.

    If it’s a custom domain you’ve got then you can use a Domain Name Provider / DNS method ( to verify your domain.

    If you don’t have a custom domain and I advise you not worry a lot, the 301 re-direct is to single most important thing you need to do while moving a website, which you have already done. (

    Alexander G.


    Thanks agounder.

    Yes, informing google about the redirect is optional, but “recommended”.

    Yes, if you own the new domain or if you’re hosting it yourself, you got other verification methods. But with a solution, it looks like you only got the meta tag, which won’t work.

    Thing is, you completely lose access to your old site (the property gets blocked in google webmaster console) after the redirect, which really is not so nice…

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