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    If I search my name on google, the first result is my blog’s author page (the page that says “these are all the contents created by…”).
    Well, I’d like to have my blog’s main page. So I’d like to find a way, like a redirect or something like that, to let a user visualize the blog’s main page instead of the author’s posted articles index page.
    Something that, when I try to connect to the address of the author’s posted articles index page, make me end up on my blog’s main page.
    Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is


    Sorry, no it is not. We cannot redirect internally at

    The search engines will virtually always pick up the author’s page when a search is done for the author’s name. That is what the person searched for, and that is what the search engines try and provide to them. They will key in mostly on blog title and description for the main page of a site, and content if the main page of the site is a static page that does not show the posts. Searches for post titles will virtually always go to the single post page.

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