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Redirect issues

  1. I recently transferred my content from Blogger to WordPress. All that was left was to redirect my domain, hosted by GoDaddy ( to

    I followed the steps that I read at the WP support page about mapping the domain and I changed the nameservers.

    In GoDaddy, I also changed the forwarding & masking settings to go to

    Within Blogger, the site directs the original blogspot address ( to and that is still on the blogger site.

    Now, I have a "too many redirects" error half the time I type in The other half only takes me to the blogger edition of the site (I am currently located in Turkey, which I don't know if that's part of the problem or not).

    What do I do!? I can't even look at my blog from the WordPress dashboard because it gives me a 300 error. Should I take the redirect setting off blogger? Should I not have put the forwarding into GoDaddy? Eep!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is a temporary situation during the 72 hours it takes for the DNS changes to propagate. You should not have got goDaddy to set a redirect to the wordpress site, but since you have will correctly move you to the domain site, which will display the domain once the nameservers are updated, but until then will redirect you back to

  3. Ok, so should I go back into GoDaddy to take the redirect of and just leave the changed nameservers? And should I turn the original blogger forwarding off?

  4. The blogger forwarding doesn't matter (it is not part of the loop) and eventually it will sort itself out even if you do nothing. Usually people just leave the domain parked or create a "comming soon" page on their host before the domain mapping takes place

  5. Take the redirects off at Godaddy - leave the name servers set to WordPress.COM - your Blogger settings should be OK since they send traffic to

  6. Ok, I removed the redirects from GoDaddy and haven't touched the name servers so they should still be working to Thanks, you guys! I"ll wait another 48 hours just to be safe and if it's still not working properly I"ll give GoDaddy a call.

  7. But does that also answer the question as to why I can't access my blog even from the WP dashboard?

  8. Your site is working for me now, though the way that DNS works it can take a while to reach everyone

  9. Okay. Yes I checked with a friend in Amsterdam and she said it was working there, but here I am getting a 404 error now (but I had to reset the name servers to WordPress again). I just hope I can see it on my own computer soon. Thanks!

  10. DNS propagation is like that. Within the 72-hour window you can have it appear to work and then stop again if your computer is configured with multiple nameservers!

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