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    Okay, I downloaded this theme http://wordpress themes Every other theme redirects my page http://www.bashurverse .com/ to http://bashurverse .com . This particular theme is not redirecting my page resulting in a blank page. Unless I visit this http://bashurverse .com url directly, Does anyone know how to redirect my page so it loads properly? I really like this theme and do not wish to use another. Thanks in advance.

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    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    Your site is self-hosted so questions should go to


    http://wordpress themes base . com/ is dangerous.
    They use themes to distribute malware and other nasty junk.

    Never link to them and never ever download anything from them. You don’t want that malware in your machine or on your website. If the search engines detect your site as dangerous you will lose visitors, probably lose position and your host could shut you down. And do you really want to help spammers?

    And even here at please don’t link there. If you want to tell people it is bad break the link like I have done. Posting a full link will mean the blog gets a warning notice posted. (Don’t try, it will happen).


    hi how do i stop redirect, from to platinumtears.wordpress, I have changed the nameservers to redirect from WP to new host put it still redirects


    It can take 24-72 hours for the DNS change to propagate through the internet name servers. If it hasn’t been at least 12-24 hours, you will just have to be patient.


    Thanks thesacredpath, much appreciated

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